Badr-El-Hardag-Art Atlas Project

Badr El Harddag



Marrakech, Morocco


Badr El Hardag specialize in interior photography and architecture. Professionally engaged in photography since 2014. I have a strong background in packshot and studio photography. The profile of my work is photography of facades, interiors, real estate, landscapes, advertising videography.



Badr believe that the quality of the work is confirmed only by the result.
In the finished work, he dedicates great importance not only to the Artistic idea must transmit, but also to the creation and technical value of
photography and cinematography. The skills acquired over several
years of successful practice in architectural and landscape photography enabled Badr to transcend into an technical artist
in this regard.
The quality of the photographs and cinematography relies on cooperation with
eminent brands and artists which create magic, when we work. 


Oukaïmeden, Morocco 


A small village in Atlas mountains near the Toubkal mountain, about 80 kilometers (50 mi) from Marrakech, Morocco.

Music Director of the exposition at Four Seasons Marrakech 

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Badr El Harddag
Badr El Harddag