Médéric Turay / Eclosion Mémorielle (EM1-1)
Part 1 – Eclosion mémorielle (EI)
Four Seasons Resort Marrakech
The first part is conceived within the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech hotel, as an original exhibition of systematic paintings that It is an original exhibition of serial painting that traces a contemporary fable that unfolds in a coherent composition with one voice over several works. Preparatory sketches, drawings, Statues, and paintings. 
Part 2 – Eclosion mémorielle (EII)

Agdal Village – Oukaïmeden located in High Atlas

It is in the heart of nature that Médéric Turay, far from the closed rooms, its constraints, that he appropriates the parameters of the Land Art, that the artist gives us to see a course in open sky accessible to all. Which is Constituted of several chapters distributed precisely in zones within the location at the Agdal village in Oukaïmeden in High Atlas 80  km from Marrakech

Mederic Turay – Éclosion Mémorielle (Part 2)


●●● The two sites of the exhibition
The artist Médéric Turay, the agency “Art Atlas Project”, have been invited to carry out an exhibition at the Fours Seasons Hotel Marrakech. An agreement with local officials, allowed the project to be expanded to a second outdoor exhibition, accessible to all. 
The principle is based on the meeting of a visitor and a work of art along an evolving path that allows one to live an emotional and personal experience, in relation with the work of the artist inscribed on two different sites, but closely linked while in conversation with the place, its history and its inhabitants.

●●● Artistic proposal
The artist and the agency “Art Atlas Project”, submit the intention to the authorities who join the program for a
holding of the project in the region of Oukaïmeden, eighty kilometers from the city of Marrakech. The artist Médéric
Turay created “Éclosion mémorielle”, an exhibition adjusted to each of the sites, the hotel and the portion located in the High Atlas, in interaction with the attributes of the Atlas in interaction with the attributes of the region. The retrospective is akin to a book whose narrative is calibrated in chapters. The development is divided into two parts (EI & EII)