Atlas Initiative / AIDE: NGO

Established in 2008

Imintanout, Kingdom of Morocco




Atlas Initiative / AIDE: NGO

The AIDE association was born from the desire to act. Very small and without great resources, it knew how to federate the good wills of all horizons to bring the smile and the comfort to the children of the Atlas. Since its birth in 2008 in the high mountains of the Atlas, our association has been involved in all the fights. It is a partner in courageous, ambitious and deeply humanistic operations: Smile, Hot winter, Drilling SADAKA JARIYA, The little donkeys of knowledge, Library and media library of Imintanout, Operations Glasses, Clothes, Blankets, School bags, Bicycles, Wheelchairs, Mattresses, Sheep Eid, Food Aid, Medical Caravans, Achoura, Joy of the feast, Ramadan, Awareness Operations Road Safety and Earth Day among others …


The associative and humanitarian work is far from being easy. Obstacles may arise, difficulties may arise, resentments may be created, but like the Atlas of the myth, we are driven by the superhuman strength that the smile of a child who finds the smile, of a mother or a grateful mother, and, above all, by the strength that these women and men who give and give themselves in the service of the good cause bring to us. They are our energy and we are honored by their trust and support.


How far we have come and how far we still have to go! How many dreams to realize!

But what love to give, what good and what human! For this is the key: our humanity is and will remain our guide and our aim; it is by its yardstick that we want to be judged on it alone that we would always want to be reached, supported and encouraged.

Humans of humanity who have done so much and who would do more for the education, protection and happiness of the children of the Atlas,


*Atlas Initiative / AIDE: NGO

Established in 2008*.




Oukaïmeden, Morocco 


A small village in Atlas mountains near the Toubkal mountain, about 80 kilometers (50 mi) from Marrakech, Morocco.

Music Director of the exposition at Four Seasons Marrakech 

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