PRESS PREVIEW at 12:30 pm / 
 1- Commencing with:
Part 1 of the exhibition / Fours Season's Marrakech
– Visit of the exhibition – 
  • Press conference – Screening of the film “Eclosion mémorielle” an immersion of the artist in the field of Oukaïmeden Mont Toubkal / An artist and his works in interaction with a territory / The link of the documentary will be given to you with a password to visualize it from October 25
  • Cocktail
  • Gifts : Tote bag + flyer + badge + poster + postcard
2 – Proceeding with:
– Part 2 of the exhibition /Oukaïmeden Mount Toubkal
– Transportation of journalists: free shuttles to and from the exhibition
– Snacks and refreshments 
– Visit of the exhibition
– Discussion with the artist, curator, and the local organizing team (ASSOCIATION), in the presence of villagers
Everyone is free to formulate his request according to his urgencies by registering on:

– Thursday October 20th is a day dedicated to the press.

– The Press Preview 

Part 1 of the exhibition begins at the galleries of the Four Seasons Marrakech (paintings, drawings) / 

Part 2 of the exhibition ends at the Oukaïmeden / High Atlas, (installations, sculptures) 

  • Free chartered shuttles are provided for the site visit. A lunch tasting local arrival at Oukaïmeden, as well cocktail at the end of the conference at the Four Seasons Marrakech. 
  •  Note that transportation, meals are complimentary. (For lodging please send a note request below)


PRESS PREVIEW at 12:00 pm /




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