The artist and his work

Médéric Turay is an Ivorian artist, whose work is marked by an eloquent style of a singular invoice nourished by aesthetic choices, polyphonic. A graduate of the Abidjan School of Fine Arts, his convincing artistic skills refer to a mastery of the resources of art history, humanities, his experience as a nomadic artist, as well as his hard work.  The impact of neo-expressionism on his modes of expression is evident in the richness of the human emotional components deployed, as well as in his appreciation of various aspects of culture in the contemporary world, in communion with his subject matter and his personal commitments.

His work – whose hybrid weave intertwines materials of various amplitudes – is driven by a direction of the lines of force of content of adjustable thicknesses, drips, collages, reliefs, coffee, sand, pigments … His palette of natural tone is dominated by the shades of wood, stone and earth, and other shades of living yellow, blue, green, rust, red. The artist's touch is now his language

Of affirmed or evanescent appearance, the representations of Médéric Turay, are similar to a signature, by their identifiable aspects, thanks to the archetypes, or elements of writing which impose themselves to the external glances. These forms of perennial imprints populate the paintings of the artist. It leans on the reference marks of the origins, representations to the emotional virtues incarnate a fortification able to revive in the looker of the references to the roots, without doubt that of the ancestors.

The viewer sees silhouettes (animal or human, not gendered), placed in the foreground, they are in the process of a hypothetical embryonic development, paradoxically of a rusty color synonymous with 'aging', sequestered in nets, with long tentacles.  The animals, especially the sheep, are free or chained by ropes with huge blue eyes. They stare at the viewer with determination. No doubt the confrontation between entities. One can detect there a search of a face, allowing to reach the other, the other is an impossible horizon to seize an identifiable face, a block of inter penetrability, to make account of the world to be stopped by the otherness of the beings, their legitimate opacity

“Eclosion mémorielle” is a new exhibition in which Médéric Turay explores his favorite theme “Resist to exist…”, a central leitmotiv of his research, which he integrates in his creation and declines under several forms to dig and increase its validity, its legitimacy and its evidence.